Say goodbye to Tribal Knowledge with Nugget

Published: Thursday, October 15th, 2020

You go to the office kitchen, realise that the filter system is broken, Bob from IT usually knows how to fix it, but then the three other colleagues also looking blankly at the coffee machine, explain that he’s out sick. You go back to your desk and open the financial report you’re working on, but realise you need the company’s tax details and only one person on the team knows it. You guessed it, it’s Bob.

Bob is what we call a tribal knowledge holder – and while he’s crucial to the business, relying on him as an effective knowledge management strategy is not a long-term solution. Especially with 2020 and remote working becoming the norm for everyone, Bob is not going to be sitting in everyone’s house to answer their many questions.

Tribal knowledge is an extremely valuable intangible asset to an organisation, but its informal nature means it's difficult to quantify, utilise to its full potential and to protect. We’ve outlined ways our latest team member Nugget, can transform your strategy and wave goodbye to tribal knowledge!

Consolidate your company's knowledge

The greatest risk posed by tribal knowledge is that the holders or team can walk out the door at any stage taking years of company knowledge with them. Capturing this knowledge migrates the risk of this “brain drain” affecting the organisation. This is one of Nugget’s specialties – he can store all the unwritten ‘know-how’ from documents to policies to sticky notes and everything else in between.

Share the Company ‘love’ and knowledge

Tribal knowledge is unknown outside of the tribe but very often this knowledge can benefit the entire organisation and therefore should be easily available to access and share. Nugget is an intuitive little bot, he answers your queries quickly and allows you to share this information with other team members at the click of a button.

Governed Information

Storing your tribal knowledge within a knowledge management system creates an effective audit trail of knowledge provided and verified. This means that you have created a single governed source of truth within your organisation. No more mixed messages caused by word-of-mouth knowledge transfer as Nugget can become a trusted resource that your teams can reference at any time.

Effective Training and On-Boarding

Imagine being able to empower new employees with years of company knowledge from their first day without the need for an extended training and on-boarding period. Nugget facilitates this by having all the information available in a matter of clicks. Newbies can ask everything from HR questions like “how do I submit expenses” to “who is the head of the Marketing Department” without having to desk hop quizzing colleagues.

Want to add Nugget to your organisation? Look no further, talk to us or book a demo and we can introduce you.