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No, You Are Not JUST a Rep!

Guest Post from Rose Bennett, Customer Enablement Manager, Panviva

Every call handled right — every timeCustomer service, if done right, can help generate positive feedback from consumers and significantly improve a company’s revenue. However, when we fail to meet expectations of service, we can easily upset our customers and bring about negative word-of-mouth that could damage the company’s reputation and brand. Customer experience has become one of the most crucial differentiating factors in a consumer’s decision-making process.

Looking at any company’s organizational chart, one could argue that the Customer Service Representative is the most important member of the staff. Most of these associates, however, don’t realize this, and commonly reply, “But, I’m just a rep.” No – you’re not just a rep, and here’s why:

  • Communication is the foundation of all successful transactions. You, as a Customer Service Representative, are responsible for answering customers’ inquiries in a patient and courteous manner, listening and responding to particular concerns and providing prompt, articulate and accurate responses. You provide explanations with confidence and trust, and in-depth knowledge without arrogance.
  • You are valued for your problem-solving attitude and willingness to learn. Your abilities to empathize and handle conflict assure your customers that everything is being done to address their issues. You are reliable, yet ever-evolving, and want nothing more than to provide your best.


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